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McGill University

This is the main portal to the university's web offerings. McGill was founded in 1821 and is considered one of the world's top research-oriented universities. It is home to the Psychology Department and the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (MNI), a leading centre of brain research. The Psychology Department and the MNI are closely interconnected and psychology graduate students often do their graduate research at the MNI, some of whose senior researchers are cross-appointed in Psychology.

McGill Psychology Department

The department offers undergraduate majors and honours degrees as well as postgraduate degrees in psychology. It is most noted for the work of Donald Olding Hebb, one of the founders of physiological psychology. Its other internationally recognized researchers over the years (now retired or deceased) have included Ronald Melzack (pain research), Peter Milner (brain processes), Brenda Milner (hippocampus and memory), Albert Bregman (perceptual organization in hearing), George Ferguson, James Ramsay, and Yoshio Takane (quantitative analysis of psychological data), John Macnamara (the logic that underpins language acquisition), and Virginia Douglas (hyperactivity in children). The department's currently active researchers can be found using the above link.

Graduate program in Psychology at McGill University

McGill offers graduate programs in both clinical and experimental psychology. The links between all areas of the department are strong and amicable. For example, graduate students in the clinical area have often carried out their doctoral research under the supervision of a professor in the experimental area. The latter area includes studies of brain and behaviour, cognition, language, social behaviour, health psychology, motor and sequence control in speech and in musical performance, child development, and music cognition. Entrance to the graduate program is highly competitive but successful applicants usually receive remuneration adequate to cover their fees and modest living expenses.


In 1992, Al Bregman initiated an electronic mail list called AUDITORY, on the topic of Auditory Perception, on which auditory researchers, artists, and clinicians could exchange ideas, ask for information and make non-commercial announcements (e.g., of available research positions, or recently completed dissertations). Early on, its administration was taken over by Dr. Dan Ellis of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University. It now reaches more than 1000 researchers and practitioners in universities, industries, and government organizations in over 40 countries. To join it, please click on the above link, then on the "Joining/leaving AUDITORY" link, and then follow the instructions on the website.

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