Career - Research Activities

Research Interests

The perceptual organization of temporally extended events, particularly in audition; relation to visual perception, to pattern-recognition by computers and to Gestalt psychology. General theories and approaches to psychology, such as connectionism, Piaget, Chomsky, nativism, theory of "ideals and transformations". The concept of the "schema" in psychology.

Article about my research

Schick, August. (1996) Von der Psychophysik zum Auditory Stream: Ein Streifzug von Fechner zu Albert Bregman. (From psychophysics to the auditory stream: An expedition from Fechner to Albert Bregman.) Proceedings of the Congress of the German Society for Acoustics, Oldenburg, Germany, 1996.

Audiological test based on my research

Trenque, Pierre & König, Ernest. (1988), The chirp streaming test. Audiology, 27, 65-88.

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