ASA Topics

Using a Web Search Engine

Research on auditory scene analysis is now being carried out in relation to many topics. Since the fields are constantly evolving, it would be futile to try to give a set of explicit links to websites. Furthermore, it is unnecessary, because research on various aspects of auditory scene analysis may be found by using a search engine, such as Google, and typing in a search expression beginning with the term "auditory scene analysis" (in quotes) followed by one or more qualifying expressions, i.e.,

< "auditory scene analysis" QUALIFIERS >

(you need not type the enclosing angle brackets)

Here are some examples

< "auditory scene analysis" (fish OR frogs) >

< "auditory scene analysis" (infants OR children) >

< "auditory scene analysis" attention >

< "auditory scene analysis" "hearing aids" >

< "auditory scene analysis" Roberts phase >

Research on ASA has been carried out in relation to infants, the visually impaired, children, birds, frogs, fish, bats, physiological mechanisms, evoked potentials, brain, brain imaging, brain stem, cortex, deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids, attention, warning signals, computer interfaces, auditory display, sonification, robots, computational models, neural models, mathematical models, pitch, timbre, space, etc. The substitution of any expression formed of these terms for the word QUALIFIERS in the format described above, will lead to the research on that subject.

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