Book on auditory scene analysis


In 1990, I wrote a book entitled Auditory Scene Analysis: the Perceptual Organization of Sound, in which I defined the research area, discussed auditory streams, and showed the relation of the process of auditory scene analysis to ideas in Gestalt psychology and artificial intelligence. The book described the research as of that date. and brought forward some theoretical ideas, such as the innateness of the process, that have been supported by subsequent research. It contained chapters on sequential integration, simultaneous integration, schema-based (top-down) processes, and applications to music and speech.

Bibliographic citation

Bregman, A.S. (1990). Auditory Scene Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of Sound. Cambridge, Mass.: Bradford Books, MIT Press. (Paperback, 1994)

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The book may be ordered from MIT Press. Their website is: Search for auditory scene analysis.

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