Audio demonstrations of auditory scene analysis

In 1996, Pierre Ahad and I published a compact disk of audio demonstrations, illustrating many examples of auditory perceptual organization. It was entitled:

Bregman, A.S., & Ahad, P. (1996) Demonstrations of Auditory Scene Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of Sound. Audio Compact disk. It was packaged with a booklet that explained the demonstrations.

This CD, in 16-bit PCM audio, may be ordered from MIT Press. An MP3 version can be downloaded from the present website, as can the booklet. Alternatively, the demonstrations can be listened to individually on this website.

Copyright notice:

This material is copyright protected. You are welcome to download it. However, if you make it available to other users by putting it on a website, sending it directly to them, or reproducing it in any form, you are required to include the whole of this copyright notice, including the present paragraph and the following citation:

These demonstrations are derived from the following audio compact disk:
Bregman, A.S., & Ahad, P. (1996) Demonstrations of auditory scene analysis: The perceptual organization of sound. Auditory Perception Laboratory, McGill University. © Albert S. Bregman, 1995.

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