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Competitive Bidding

Free Bids (Hemenway)

Forcing Pass Situations (Karen Walker)

Cue-bidding responder's suit is natural (Karen Walker)

Redoubles (Colchamiro)

Two-level overcalls at IMPS (BW)

How High to Preempt (Bridge World)

Transfer over 1M (DBL or 1S)

Defense to 1H Overcall

Forcing Pass Situation

After Partners Overcall (Hemenway)

Snapdragon Doubles

Competing against their Jacoby (Mike Lawrence)

Balancing with Strong NT in 4th Seat (Bobby Wolff)

1H-2C-2H-2S is Non Forcing (Bobby Wolff)

Defenses to Flannery and Gambling 3NT (August Boehm)

Balancing Against 1NT (Lawrence)

Mixed Raise (Wolff)

Should 1NT in fourth Seat be Sandwich or TO? (Bulletin)

Defenses to Common Conventions (Shape Speaks - Double Delays) (Boehm)

Agreements over High-Level Preempts (Colchamiro)

Defenses to NAMYATS, Multi, Strong Two's -Shape Speaks-Double Denies (Boehm)

When They Double our 1NT (Lawrence)

Doubling Conventional Bids (Boehm)

When A Cuebid is Natural (Bulletin)

Mixed Raises in Competition (Wolff column)

When Opponents Interfere over Slam Bidding (Hemenway)

Jump Shifts in Competition (Lawrence)

Cuebid may be natural (Bulletin)

What's Forcing in Competitive Auctions (Lawrence)

When they Interfere over our 1NT- Part IV (Colchamiro)

When They Interfere with our 1NT - Part III (Colchamiro)

When they interfere with your 1NT (Part II) (Colchamiro)

When They Preempt Three of a Minor (Kokish Summary)

We Open 1NT They Interfere (Kokish Notes)

Doubles below 2NT are for TO (Larry Cohen)

Equal Level Conversion (Hemenway

McCabe Convention (Hemenway)

2NT Scramble (Cohen)

DONT-style Balances when their auction stops in 1NT (Hemenway

Trap Passing Not Always Right (Lawrence)

Be aggressive when it goes 2S-P-3S (Lawrence)

Over their preempts - 2 places to play (Bulletin)

Overcalling 4 Card Suits (Bulletin)

Overcalling a minor at 2-level (Kokish)

Partner overcalls, they bid 1NT(Lawrence)

Pass and Pull (BULLETIN)

Positional considerations for doubling NT (Kaplan)

Responders bids over Michaels cuebid (Cohen)

Competing over 1NT- Experts Different Systems (Bulletin)

Bidding over Opponents Preempts (Hemenway)

Competing with 2NT for minors (Bulletin)

Criss-cross minor raises after TO X (Lawrence)

DONT extension - when Advancer has values (Bulletin)

Equal Level Conversion at 4-level (Bulletin)

Five Level Belongs to Opponents (Colchamiro)

Openers double at 2-level (Bulletin)

Openers Strong Rebids in 2over1 (Walker)

Over their 3-level preempts (Kokish)

Balancing guidelines (Zellmer)

Double preempts for take out (Bergen)

Responding to a double of a weak two bid (Lawrence)

RHO bids 1NT after P's TO X(Lawrence)

Smith Transfer Advances (Smith)

Stolen Bids over when they interfere over our 1NT (Helms)

Supporting partners 2-level overcall (Lawrence)

What you need to bid over 1NT - Mels rule of 8 (Colchamiro)

When opponents bid and raise-OBAR free bids (Kokish)

When partner doubles a forcing pass

When they interfere over our 1NT-Neg Doubles (Wolff)

Maximal Doubles

Raising partners overcall when they bid 1NT(Lawrence)

Balancing 1NT and Range Stayman(Billy Miller)

Bad Overcalls (Wolff Aces Column)

Trapping and Balancing (Competitive) Bidding in Modern Bridge - Edgar Kaplan)

Bidding on misfits (Kelsey)

Competing over preempts when you have lots of distribution

How to Compete with 6-4 minors (Bulletin)

Don't Hang Partner out to Dry when he Competes ( Paul Thurston column)

You Don't need much to reply to TO double (Bergen)

When they double our 1NT (Bridge World article)

Equal Level Conversion (Bulletin)

Everything about Redoubles (Marilyn Hemenway)

Forcing Pass (Kokish)

Forcing passes (Bridge World)

Good-bad 2NT (Kokish)

Good-bad 2NT (Lawrence)

Good-Bad 2NT (Good Explanatory Article)

Good-Bad 2Notrumps (2NT=bad) (GB Notes)

Hand Types Not Suitable for Balancing (Lawrence)

Jump Raise or Cue Bid when p Overcalls (Lawrence)

"Lawrence Drury" instead of 2-way Drury (Lawrence)

Negative Doubles (Lawrence)

Last Revised: 31-Dec-2011