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Lead Passive against 1NT (Bridge World)

Refusing to Ruff (Marshall Miles)

Forward Looking Defence (Reese)

Default lead when p doubles a slam (Bridge World Mag)

Dont play coded 9s and Ts on opening lead (Billy Miller)

Garozzos Rule - Lead Singleton Against Slams (Larry Cohen)

Ace-Underleads (Marshall Miles)

Exit with Honour Card when Holding J9x or Q9X (Jeremy Flint & Freddy North)

Attacking Trumps by Playing an Honour (Jeremy Flint and Freddy North)

Forcing Declarer -Give Ruff, Sluff

Duck when Holding A9x of trumps (Jeremy Flint & Freddy North)

Ducking an Ace when it create 2 sure tricks (Jeremy Flint & Freddy North)

Play Forcing Game When Holding 4 Trumps (Jeremy Flint & Freddy North)

Trump Signals (Wolff)

Basic Defense and Trump Suit Preference Signals (Reese)

Suit Preference or Attitude when Dummy is Void (Kantar)

Count or Attitude at Trick 1 (Bulletin)

Defending Against 2-Suiters (Reese)

Suit Preference Trump Signals (Boehm)

Suit Preference Signals (Mike Lawrence)

Holding up Trump Ace (Priebe)

Improve Your Opening Leads - Part 2 (Walker)

Hold up Ace of Trumps (Reese-Trezel)

Under-ruffing (Reese-Trezel)

Under-ruffing - Example 2(Reese-Trezel)

Keep Ace of a long side suit (Reese-Trezel)

Bobby Wolff on Coded Nines and Tens Leads (Wolff)

Defenders SHOULD give signals (Lawrence)

Play the card you are known to hold

Brilliant Defensive Holdup Play

Postpone taking Ace of trumps (Bergen)

Suit Preference Signals (Mary Smith)

Opening Lead Styles - Robot Leads (Granovetters)

Trump Signals (Billy Miller  )

Trump Lead that Retains Control (Kelsey)

Some Good Defensive Guidelines (Jabbour)

Failure to lead trumps (Kelsey)

Lead partners suit (Thurston)

Leads from 3 small (Lawrence)

Play Card Known to be Held (Kantar)

Preserve partner's defensive entries (Marshall Miles)

Some Advanced Defensive Plays (Reese-Trezel Art of Defense)

More Advanced Defensive Plays (Reese-Trezel Art of Defense)

When to Lead Trumps (Hemenway)

When to Lead A or K (Kokish)

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