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Current Students

King Yan Sun (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
The role of peer feedback in writing development for doctoral students. (2008 -)

Dana Salter (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
The construction of identity in digital environments by at-risk students. (2007-) Visit Dana's blog

Melanie Wilson (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
Globally networked learning environments: Preparing learners for intercultural boundary work. (2007-)

Larissa Yousoubova (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
Crossing linguistic and national boundaries of disciplinary ethos: The challenges of grant writing for immigrant researchers. (2006-)

Juel Chouinard (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
The development of leadership capacity by high-school principals in an online community of practice (2005-). Visit Juel's blog


Selina Mackie (MA, Culture and Values):
Technology, Privacy, and Digital Citizenship:
A Critical Analysis of Facebook as an Educational Resource. Co-Advisor with Kevin McDonough, (2008-09)

Pauline Carpenter (MA, Culture and Values):
Korean international students' internet use and its role in the formation of cultural identities. Co-Advisor with Ratna Gosh, (2007-09)

Juan Abrile (MA, Second Language Studies):
Ideology in the discourse of Montreal private language school web sites: A critical discourse analysis. Co-Advisor with Mela Sarkar, (2005-06)

Marna Lew (MA, Culture & Values):
Building an educational community: The participation of international graduate students in civic engagement projects (2004-06)

Talene Palvetzian (MA, Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
Integrating international academic partnerships into institutional contexts: Faculty perspectives (2003-05)

Committee Membership

Katie Bryant (Ph.D., Curriculum and Literacy).

Nazih El-Bezre (Ph.D., Curriculum and Literacy).

Nasser Saleh (Ph.D., School of Information Studies):
The effect of the learning task on students’ collaborative information behaviour in an undergraduate, project-based, engineering design course (2009-)

Bonnie Barnett (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies):
Reality television and education: Are emotions the missing link between old and new media? (2008-)

Natasha Zwarich (Ph.D., School of Information Studies):
Effective e-mail management: Principles and practice at the Canadian government. (2006-)

Evelyne Mondou (Ph.D., School of Information Studies):
The link between science and society: Knowledge transfer in the context of the creation of a new scientific concept. (2005-)

Eri Iida (MA, Integrated Studies in Education): Hedges and Boosters in Japanese English and American English Medical Research Articles. (2005-6)

François-Xavier Paré (Ph.D., School of Information Studies): Document importance as a factor in personal information management: A case study of office workers. (2004-)

Michelann Parr (Ph.D., Curriculum & Literacy Studies): More than words: From text-to-speech to discourse. (2004-2008)


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