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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Drawing on traditions of rhetorical theory as a critical theory of discourse and writing development as well as on critical theories of technologies, my work examines the implications of digital technologies, globalization, and an increased focus on knowledge production for the study and teaching of writing, especially in higher education.


Research Emphasis

  • Writing development in higher education, especially in doctoral education
  • Research writing and public engagement, especially in new digital environments
  • Writing in digital environments, critical discourse and technology studies, and digital citizenship
  • Globalization, higher education, and globally networked learning environments
  • Technology policy discourse and deliberation (internet and higher education policy)

Current Research Projects

Teaching and Graduate Advising


  • Resources for research (about the field of rhetoric and writing studies, key journals, definitions, resource libraries, bibliographies)
  • Resources for teaching (materials for intercultural virtual team projects and civic engagement projects in management communication)
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