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LING 360 - Introduction to Semantics (Fall 2012)
Introduction to the rudiments of semantics, focusing on those aspects of meaning that that are invariant across contexts and the ways in which the meaning of a complex expression is determined by the meaning of its consitutents.
LING 419 - Linguistic Theory and its Foundations
Changes linguistics underwent at the end of the 1950s both in how it conceived of itself and the methods it used, including the philosophical change and the formal and mathematical innovations in syntax and morphology.

Undergraduate and Graduate:

LING 460 - Semantics 2 (Winter 2012)
This course elaborates on the rudiments of natural language semantics developed in LING 360 - Introduction to Semantics.
LING 461 - Formal Methods in Linguistics (Winter 2011)
This course presents the formal methods used in the study of language: the theories of sets, relations, functions, partial orders, and lattices, as well as the principle of mathematical induction.
LING 565 - Pragmatics (Fall 2012)
Study of the relationship between language and its contexts of use. Topics to be examined include deixis, presupposition and implicature.


LING 661 - Advanced Formal Methods
This course presents the formal methods used in the study of syntax or semantics. Topics include basic set theory as well as partial orders and lattices.

Thesis Supervision


2013: Walter Pedersen
Scales, aspect and adverbial modification
Department of Linguistics, McGill University

2009: Janet Martin-Nielsen
Private knowledge, public tensions: theory commitment in postward American linguistics.
Institute for the History and Philsophy of Science, University of Toronto

2006: Alan Bale
The universal scale and the semantics of comparsion
Department of Linguistics, McGill University

1999: Chia-yi Pi
A biphasic analysis of events
Department of Linguistics, McGill University

1996: Benjamin Shaer
Making sense of tense
Department of Linguistics, McGill University

Undergraduate Honors:

Alexander Belkin (joint Linguistics and Philosophy)

Miles Shang (joint Linguistics and Mathematics)

Di Mo

Andrew Burt (joint Linguistics and Philosophy)

Bronwyn Bjorkman (joint Linguistics and Philosophy)

Michael Dascal (Joint Linguistics and Philosophy)

Raffal Jeglinski

Janet Nielsen (joint Linguistics and Mathematics)

Sarah Nanolson (joint Linguistics and Philosophy)

Marshall Wong

Valerie Wynn

James Mesbur