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PHD THESES (supervised or co-supervised)   


Thesis Title

   Alan Juffs

Learnability and the lexicon in second language acquisition: Chinese learners knowledge of English argument structure (1993)

   Susan Bennett

Second language acquisition of reflexive binding by native speakers of Serbo-Croatian (1994)

   Shanley Allen

Acquisition of some mechanisms of transitivity alternation in Arctic Quebec Inuktitut (1994)

   Dongdong Chen

L2 acquisition of English psych predicates by native speakers of Chinese and French (co-supervised with Lisa Travis) (1996)

   Philippe Prévost

Truncation in second language acquisition (1997)

   Roumyana Slabakova

Zero acquisition: second language acquisition of the parameter of aspect (1997)

   Silvina Montrul

Transitivity alternations in second language acquisition: a crosslinguistic study of English, Spanish and Turkish (1997)

   Cindy Brown

Acquisition of segmental structure: consequences for speech perception and second language acquisition (co-supervised with Heather Goad) (1997)

   Joyce Bruhn de Garavito

Clitics, functional categories and agreement in near-native Spanish (co-supervised with Lisa Travis) (1999)

   Makiko Hirakawa

Unaccusativity in second language Japanese and English (co-supervised with Lisa Travis) (2000)

   Martyna Kozlowska Macgregor

The state of near-native grammar: a study of aspect in L2 Polish (2002)

   Ayse Gurel

Linguistic characteristics of first language attrition and second language acquisition: Turkish overt and null pronouns (2002)

   Shunji Inagaki

Transfer and learnability in second language argument structure: motion verbs with locational/directional PPs in L2 English and Japanese (2002)

   Ingrid Leung

Functional categories in second and third language acquisition: a cross-linguistic study of the acquisition of English and French by Chinese and Vietnamese speakers (2002)

   Simone Conradie

Verb movement parameters in Afrikaans: Investigating the Full Transfer Full Access hypothesis (2005)

   Elena Valenzuela

L2 ultimate attainment and the syntax-discourse interface: the acquisition of topic constructions in non-native Spanish and English (2005)

   Yuhko Kayama

Second language acquisition of Japanese relative clauses (2005)

   Theres Grüter

Object clitics and null objects in the acquisition of French (2006)

   Corrine McCarthy

Morphological variability in second language Spanish (2007)

   Mari Umeda

Second language acquisition of Japanese wh-constructions (2008)

   Larissa Nossalik

L2 acquisition of Russian aspect (co-supervised with Lisa Travis) (2009)

   Íner Ízšelik

Representation and acquisition of stress: the case of Turkish (co-supervised with Heather Goad) (2012)

   Alyona Belikova

Getting L2 reciprocal and reflexive verbs right (2013)

   Tokiko Okuma

Overt Pronoun Constraint effects in second language Japanese (2015)

   Jeffrey Klassen

Second language acquisition of focus prosody (co-supervised with Michael Wagner) (2015)

   Sepideh Mortazavinia

Second language acquisition of the semantics of focus sensitive presupposition triggers in Persian and English (co-supervised with Michael Wagner) (2018)

   Jiajia Su

Plurality in second language Chinese (co-supervised with Lisa Travis) (2019)

   Liz Smeets

Conditions on L1 transfer in L2 discourse-syntax mappings (co-supervised with Lisa Travis) (2019)

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