Carolyn Samuel – ESL Professional

Workshops/Seminars Given

» A Hybrid Academic Writing Course for a Hybrid Group of Students
» Business English
» CALL Ideas
» Decompress with Word Stress
» Focus on Rhythm
» Fostering Intentional Learning
» How to be an Organized Teacher
» Intonation Made Easy
» Making the Most of the 14 Words That Make All the Difference
» Multiculturalism and Teaching/Learning Practices
» Poetry and Pronunciation
» Pronunciation Improvement through Music Connections
» Pronunciation Pegs
» Pronunciation: The Stress of English
» Pronunciation: Teaching Suprasegmentals
» Self-Monitoring Pronunciation Techniques for ESL/EFL Graduate Students
» Strategies for Independent Vocabulary Building
» Student Managed Writing Correction
» The Teacher-Learner Partnership in the Language Classroom and Beyond
» Vocabulary Teaching/Learning in FSL and ESL: Two Contexts, One Goal


» Canadian Forces, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
» Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies (CCLCS)
» CEGEP de Sherbrooke, Département de langues modernes
» Enseignants de langue anglaise de Montréal (ELAM)
» George Brown College, Toronto
» Hany, Montreal (language tutoring for refugees)
» The International Society for Language Studies
» Language Training Canada, Government of Canada
» McGill University, Montreal
» RASCALS Annual Conference
» SPEAQ Annual Conference
» SPEAQ Campus (McGill University, Concordia University, Université de Sherbrooke)
» TESL Canada
» TESL North York
» TESL Nova Scotia
» TESL Ontario Annual Conference
» TESL Ontario webinar
» TESL Toronto
» Toronto District School Board (Adult ESL programme)
» University of Toronto, English Language Programme
» Workshop on Foreign Language Teaching, Communication & Culture (WEFLA), conference in Holguín, Cuba

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