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COSMOS: Conserved Structural Motif Search Tool



The source code for COSMOS and accessory programs are available for download here under GNU General Public License. You can redistribute and/or modify COSMOS and its associated codes under the terms of GNU General Public License version 3 or later.


Source code and executable files


Download the package containing COSMOS from here: (11,650 KB)


The package contains source codes for COSMOS and its accessory programs, which can be compiled using GNU-compatible MAKE software. The package also contains pre-compiled executable programs for Windows and Mac OS X. Copy the executable programs that are suitable for your operating system from the ‘bin’ directory (for example ‘C:\COSMOS\bin\win\’) to the root directory of COSMOS (for example ‘C:\COSMOS\’), and they will be ready to use. The executable programs need to be called from command prompt, or using a batch file. An example batch job has been provided for Windows, which identifies regulatory structural motifs that are conserved in the genus of Trypanosoma.



Data files


Example datasets are provided in the downloadable package.





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