Thin lace of 5 bows


Place 1 bow each on AC left and B right. Place 2 bows on B left.
step 1
A right through B right take C left reversed.
step 2
B right through top B left take bottom B left unreversed.
step 3
C right take B left unreversed.
step 4
Lower A left to B left.
step 5
A left through B left take C right unreversed.
step 6
B left through top B right take bottom B right unreversed.
step 7
C left take B right unreversed
step 8
Lower A right to B right

Tollemache Transcription [5]

A thyne lace of 5 bowis Set on bow on A lefte & ii sundry bowis on B lyfte & on bow on C lyfte & on bow on B ryght þen xal A ryght tak thorow B of þe sam hand þe bow C lyft reuersyd & B ryght schal take þe inner bow of B lyfte thorow þe bow þat stond be for on B lyfte vnreuersyd þan xal C ryght take þe bow þat is lefte on B lyfte o<n>reuersyd þan low þi bow of A lyfte on to B lyfte þan xal A lyfte tak thorow þe bow B of þe sam hand þe bow C of þe ryght hand onreuersyd & B lyfte xal go thowrow þe for bow of B ryght & take þe bow þat stond with in on B ryght vnreuersyd þan xal C lefte take þe bow of B ryght vnreuersyd þen low þi bow of a ryght on to B ryght & cetera

Harley 2320 Transcription [3]

FOR to make a thynne lace of v bowys: Set a bowe on A lyfte hond, and ij sunder bowez on B lyft 'h'and, o bowe on C lyfte h(ond) and o bowe on B ryȝth hond. Þen schal A ryȝth take þorow B of þe same hond þe bowe C of þe lyfte hond reuersyd; and B ryȝth schalle take the hyndre bowe of B lyft h(ond) þorowout þe bowe þat stondes before on B lyft vnreuercyd. Þen schal C ryȝth take bowe þat ys leuyd on B lyfte hond vnreuersyd þe lowe bowe of A lyste vnto B lyfte. Þen schal A lyfte take þorow þe bowe B of þe same hond þe bowe C oft þe ryȝth hond vnreuercyd; and B lyfte schal go þorow þe forme bowe of B ryȝth and take þe bowe þt stondt wtyn on B ryȝth vnreuercyd. Þenne lowe þe bowe of A ryȝth vnto B ryȝt, and begynne aȝene.