Lace bend of 8

Braid 25


Take 4 bows of one colour and place them on ABCD right. Take 4 bows of another colour and place them on ABCD left.
step 1
A right change with D left reversed
step 2
B right change with C left reversed
step 3
C right change with B left reversed
step 4
D right change with A left reversed

Tollemache Transcription [25]

A lace bend of .8. tak & sett hem as is to for seyd þan xal A ryght chang hys bow with D lyfte & B ryght with C lyfte & C ryght with B lyfte & D ryght with A lefte & begyn a geyne and alwey when þu changes þi ryght bowis with þi lefte þu xall tak thorow þi ryght bowis þe bowis of þe lyfte reuersyd

Harley 2320 Transcription [25]

A lace bend rounde of 8 bowes: Take iiij bowes of o colour and <set> on A, B, C, D ryȝt and 4 bowes of anoþer colour and set on þy lyft hond; and schal A ryȝt change hys bowe wt D lyft, and B ryȝt wyth C lyft, and C ryȝt wt B lyft, and D ryȝt wt A lyft; and begyn aȝene. And loke alwey when þu change þy ryȝt bowes wt þy lyft þu schalt take þorowe þy ryȝt bowes þe bowes of þy lyft hond reuerced.