50th Anniversary Wallhanging Project

The goal is to embroider two wallhangings in convent stitch (bokhara couching) similar in style to the embroidered tapestries of the 15th century. The preliminary design is of the arms of the king and queen surrounded by the personal arms of the first two hundred kings and queens. The list of East Kingdom Royals and their heraldry can be found here.

The individual arms will be 2" wide by 2.4" tall. The approximate size of the wallhangings will be 5' x 6.5' each.



July 1 2011
Devices: 2 (35)

Griffith x 2
Gryffith's device Gryffith's device

June 1 2011
Devices: 2 (33)

Isabella x 2
Isabella's device Isabella's device

May 1 2011
Devices: 2 (31)

Marieke Edward
Marieke's device Edward's device

March 15 2011
Wreath: Petals 2.85, sepals 1.5
Devices: 3 (29)

Marieke Aelfwine Vissevald
Marieke's device Aelfwine's device Vissevald's device

February 15 2011
Wreath: Petals 2.85, sepals 0.9
Devices: 4 (26)

Caitlin Elspeth Mara Elaina
Caitlin's device Elspeth's device Mara's device elaina's device

January 15 2011
Wreath: Petals 2.75, sepals 0.9
Devices: 3 (22)

Roxane (x3)
Roxane's device Roxane's device Roxane's device

December 15 2010
Wreath: Petals 2.5 roses done, Sepals 0.8 roses done
Devices: 3(19)

Christence Aikaterine
Christence's device Christence's device Aikaterina's device

November 1 2010
Wreath: 85% of one rose, 70% of 2nd rose
Devices: 4(16)

Arastorm Rowan* Adrienne
Adrienne's device

*I'm out of grey silks, all outlining on white will be deferred until I resupply

September/October 2010
Last month taken off to work on investiture and devestiture gifts for the Barony of Havre de Glace.

August 15 2010
Wreath: 85% of one rose
Devices: 3(12)

Geneviere Maureen Melisande

July 1 2010
Wreath: 55% of one rose
Devices: 2(9)

Gabriella Geneviere

June 1 2010
Wreath: 20% of one rose
Devices: 3(7)

Caellyn Gabriella Jana

May 1 2010
Wreath: Outlined one rose
Devices: 4(4)

Alethea Brenwen (x2) Marguerite