Updates for MUSIC/SP 6.2

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Note: Updates should be applied in the same order as they are listed below (chronological order).

Unless indicated otherwise in an update file itself, these updates are (c) Copyright by Dave Edwards. All rights reserved. These updates are provided on an "as is" basis, without any support or warranty. If you choose to use them, you do so at your own risk.

fort2pl1.zip - Fortran-to-PL/1 converter (100 KB).
File info: 17sep2006, 102104 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 7B47D509 DDB651ED 98AACF9E DD2F7C6B
SHA1 digest: F8F52AEC 9D920C64 60CBA676 9AA7D3B7 29ADCBED
    Note: Checksum of .mfarc file if VOL2FILE used (3190 recs): 354490515

ssppli.zip - Scientific Subroutine Package (SSP), PL/1 (F) version (1.2 MB).
File info: 17sep2006, 1274430 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 56B57EB5 0DF77AC1 AA84FFF3 F5918F8E
SHA1 digest: 791019D9 CDCFAAD3 72330D78 40F05214 5F8C14A8
    Note: Checksum of .mfarc file if VOL2FILE used (32117 recs): 922878310

watbol.zip - Univ. of Waterloo Cobol compiler for MUSIC/SP (257 KB).
Please read the Conditions of Use in file watbol.txt.
File info: 24oct2006, 262924 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: ADE71A64 20B6573C F9B85977 EAB42947
SHA1 digest: A3DC9FF6 7191E60C F68B8872 3FFFA6F0 3DED7CE5

upd1.zip - FTPD port range, SENDMAIL, MOVEPDS, etc. (482 KB).
File info: 17nov2006, 492718 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 2BC2C77C 4AA2BA86 91523195 7312DFEF
SHA1 digest: 15007105 43B32F0F 08C18DB0 874EFCD8 4D7C7128

assist.zip - ASSIST 4.0/A assembler (1975) by Penn State Univ. (1.1 MB).
File info: 15dec2006, 1130054 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 143B8FCB 29C61383 56173896 9A12DEF1
SHA1 digest: 8AD0994F BB4D6B34 7D90E8E0 83A70091 FEEC8F3E

upd2.zip - Mods to HTTPD, WEB, FTPD, MFCHEK (470 KB).
File info: 15jan2007, 480842 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 91173B11 12574353 1867196F C687E187
SHA1 digest: 6B4BAEC5 133B216B E4B82092 27D436DF 358391D1

stpascal.zip - Stanford Pascal compiler; MUSIC/SP Script (601 KB).
File info: 03feb2007, 615179 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 49532C91 C47B7223 29E780CF 6D426C71
SHA1 digest: 037D145F F347B7E4 E968044D 63BE3773 9C80D3AF

fortg.zip - Fortran G compiler and library. LOADPDS, DLINK, and other utilities. (724 KB)
File info: 15jul2007, 741039 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 655BC15F 98CE8D7D 54D28959 657E32F5
SHA1 digest: 17BDEAD5 D646033D 182FFD67 35BCC730 3A88BA4F

upd3.zip - FortG fixes, nucleus update, miscellaneous additions (1.3 MB).
File info: 14aug2007, 1378768 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 5FDF8280 487CEA7E 3C3018AE 19AAB41F
SHA1 digest: 2632AD29 648A81F4 80D90E93 CC4C902E 3010DDE0

gccmu11.zip - GCCMU 1.1 - GCCMVS C compiler for MUSIC/SP (340 KB).
File info: 16oct2007, 348015 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 61CD0BB5 43E04AD6 AA814EE1 ECF1B2D7
SHA1 digest: 9E0291F7 4F74DD8B D0E40833 1F16458E 08DD8999

upd4.zip - Nucleus update (hi-mem areas, 31-bit mode), miscellaneous additions (0.9 MB).
File info: 23jan2008, 938256 bytes.
MD5 digest of .zip: 10B668C8 5F2518A0 71283B13 526AB015
SHA1 digest: 99C0EF3E 0DDF3596 3D2156D7 37490822 C49EAFBF