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Dr. Komarova S.V.

I have a M.Sc. degree in physics from the Moscow State University, Russia (1991), and a Ph.D. degree in biophysics from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Pushchino, Russia(1996). I have completed postdoctoral training at NASA Ames Research Center and in the CIHR Group in Skeletal Development and Remodeling, UWO and joined the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill in 2004.
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Dr. Svetlana Komarova

Dr. Kerstin Tiedemann

In 1994, I received a M.Sc. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at Lund University in Sweden, followed by a Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the same university in 2000. Between 2000 and 2004, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Lubeck in Germany, studying the biology and biochemistry of fibrillin and other microfibril-associated proteins of the extracellular matrix in health and disease. Since 2005, I have been working at McGill University as a research associate. My general interests and expertise are in extracellular matrix biology, in particular, the functional consequences of cell and protein interactions. In Dr. Komarova�s lab, I focus on the identification of unknown osteoclastogenic factors that are secreted to the extracellular space from either breast cancer cells or from normal proliferating cells. Another goal is to reveal cellular signalling events triggered by these osteoclastogenic factors using osteoclast precursor cells.
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Kerstin Tiedemann,Dr.

Dr. Gulzhakhan Sadvakassova

I have received my Honors M.Sc. degree from the Kazakh State University, and my PhD degree from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. At that time I investigated the phenol compounds degradation by peroxidase and polyphenoloxidase. Later, I have worked on the production of ELISA-based virus testing kits, and the introduction of virus-free potato seeds technology for the Ministry of Agriculture in Kazakhstan. I have worked in the Dept. of Endocrinology, Pharmacology of the McGill University since 1998 and in 2008 I have joined the Faculty of Dentistry. The subject of my investigation was the biological activity of progranulin and the haemopoetic activity of trombospondin on the erythroid precursor cells, as well as the activation of the corresponding cell signaling pathways. In Dr. Komarova's lab I will concentrate on the effects of proliferating blood cells on bone remodeling.
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Gulzhakhan G. Sadvakassova