Open lace of 5 bows


Place 1 bow on each of ABC left and BC right.

  1. A right through BC right take C left unreversed
  2. Lower left bows
  3. A left through B C left take C right unreversed
  4. Lower right bows

Tollemache Transcription [4]

A opyn lace of 5 bowis Sett on þi bowis vt supra þen xal A ryght tak thowrow B C on þe sam hand þe bow C of þe lyfte hand onreuersyd & so warke as in þe rownd lace excepte þe reuersyng for þe opyn lace shal not be reuersyd

Harley 2320 Transcription [5]

FOR to make an open lace of v bowys: Set v bowez on þy fyngrys as yn þe round lace of v bowys and wyrke yn þe same manere, saf þere þu takest þe bowys of boþe þyn hond reuercyd, yn thys lace þu schalt take þe bowes of bothe þyn hondys vnreuerced.